Oregon Remembers™
Online Memoriams of our Dearly Departed

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What is Oregon Remembers™?
Oregon Remembers™ is a website that contains Memoriams of loved ones who have passed away. These Memoriams may contain words, photos and music. The "loved one" must have, sometime in their life, resided in the State of Oregon. (Disclaimer)

How do I view Memoriams?
Viewing all Memoriams is free. To view Memoriams, simply click on the DIRECTORY link near the top of any page. A list of the most recently added Memoriams will appear. To view ALL Memoriams sorted alphabeticly by last name, click on the corresponding letter of the alphabet above this list. Clicking on an individual's name will bring up their Memoriam. The MAIN DIRECTORY page also has a handy "Memoriam Search" box.

What does it cost to submit a MEMORIAM?
Although Oregon Remembers™ has no monthly charges or membership fees, for each Memoriam added, there is a one time processing fee ranging from $20 to $45, depending on what type of Memoriam you want listed. There are no other costs involved, ever! Read how to submit a Memoriam HERE.

Who runs Oregon Remembers™?
The administrator of Oregon Remembers™ is Kelly Smith. Oregon Remembers™ was inspired by Kelly's Grandmother, Ruth Steers' Memoriam collection. Ruth collected Memoriams of all her friends and relatives who passed away during her lifetime. Her Memoriam collection fills four large notebooks. Oregon Remembers™ is dedicated to Ruth's memory.

Where did the BEAUTIFUL photo on our front page come from?
The front page photo is the work of Christopher Burkett. Christopher is a recognized national expert in printing Cibachrome (Ilfochrome), by virtue of his use of sophisticated and unique masking techniques. Christopher has graciously granted Oregon Remembers™ permission to display copies of his photos on our front page. (Though he has taken photos in Australia, Nova Scotia and all across the USA, we use only his "Oregon" photos on our site.) To view more of his work, visit his website at ChristopherBurkett.com.

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